Friday, April 9, 2010

California Insurance Premiums

Anyone in their right mind would rather do ANYTHING other than read about insurance regulations, especially in a state like California where the weather is beautiful and there are tons of activities.  My hobby is reading through these regulations though, in case I have to know this information at some point.  I'd rather be prepared than horrified at a mistake that I or someone I know has made.  Here's a few interesting tidbits about California insurance premiums that I found interesting from CA insurance code 480-491:

  • If you have prepaid premiums and have canceled your policy or it was rescinded, you are due a refund of your premiums for the time you were going to be uninsured.  They just can't keep your money.
  • The insurance companies have 25 days to return the money
  • If you were at risk at the time where they had your premium you aren't entitled to any refund
  • You can get a refund of your premiums if the insurance company committed fraud or misrepresentation (and I assume you don't have a claim against them)
  • Acknowledgment in the policy of the receipt of payment is grounds for determination of acceptance of payment.  After that, if you short pay or don't pay your premium, that's grounds for cancellation of your policy.
  • 20 days before renewal it is the insurer's responsibility to warn you that your rates are going up
  • Also your rates can't go up if you were in an accident but were not at fault.  If they want to raise your rates they have to have an investigation into the accident to determine it was your fault.  There isn't much more about what the investigation should entail though.
Hopefully you find some of that interesting!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

California Insurance Quote

Buying California insurance is a difficult process, to say the least.  There are a lot of different California insurance agents who represent many different insurance companies, and not all of them are the same.  There are ratings of these agencies which effect how much your premium is and how quickly you will get paid after a problem.  Our job with you is to guide you though the quoting process so you can get the best insurance, the first time.

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  • California home owners insurance
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Think of us as your source for quick, accurate California quotes.